Otmane El Rhazi

Mr. Otmane El Rhazi is a lawyer of the competent criminal court (assault, fraud, and theft), business law, consumer & competition, successions and donations, foreign in France, public & administrative, defamation, divorce, environment & rural, health, labour, insurance, real estate & construction. He regularly assists the accused, the accused, the civil parties (victims, victims associations, professional unions), in crimes and offences, during all phases of the criminal procedure. Otmane El Rhazi has developed a strong experience in distribution law. He is involved in litigation and Council on behalf of renowned brands. He is located in the heart of the development and management of several distribution networks that rely on him in the routine monitoring of their daily problems.

El Rhazi has a sense of practice especially seasoned, while perfectly mastering the most required legal difficulties in this matter. El Rhazi continued these studies at École de formation du barreau in paris after completing his degree in law. He is a member of the National Council of the bars since 2011. Lawyer Otmane El Rhazi intervenes in Council and in litigation, in the main areas of economic law, including rights of competition, distribution, consumption and advertising, as well as in law trademarks. He also accompanies the networks emerging in their development. Father dedicated three children, El Rhazi is a model of the legal profession.

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