Otmane El Rhazi

Mr. Otmane El Rhazi "a.k.a. Otmane OE" (born in late 1980) is a business, investor, and Citi Trader. He is presently based in Britain’s luxurious capital London. He was a co-founder of AlgoTrading the Forex Fund that take arbitrage from the 1$Trillion Market. Otmane El Rhazi is also the designer of the Quantitative Analysis Repository, a library website for all front office tools and documentation. Throughout the following 10 years, he extended his trading activity to Forex, Equities, and Bonds. While, he does not consider himself an affiliate of any trading school of thought, but has recognised that his views best appropriate the label of Momentum Trading. El Rhazi was born and raised up in the Kingdom of Morocco, in a small city east of the country. He got his first job on the City, at EDF Trading, after graduating with Master degree in Engineering in 2004. Then he attained a Ph.D in Economics and Finance from the University of Paris Jussieu, a member of the research high organisations.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Physics and a qualification in English Studies in 1998. In 2006, Otmane El Rhazi joined the investment banking, where he dedicated his work with IT and Analysts to build a commodities business. He worked on several small and big projects in development, modelling and valuation. He then progressed to deal in venturing in derivatives, futures and indices. Finally, El Rhazi was a market-maker for correlation and volatility for short time at Citi. He is also a private real property investor. Since 2000, his portfolio accumulated in single family and small family properties hard assets. He has acquired and sold several properties and has many gratified returns. He looks from win-win situations and uses leverage to increase the final pay-out. El Rhazi has received numerous prizes including Award in Appreciation for Safety and Protection of Small Businesses, obtainable by the Citi Group Assurance Account in 2012.

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